I’ve had a lot on my plate the past couple weeks. Trust me, I love it that way. This girl is flourishing. My blogging efforts have been in full swing. For the sake of simplicity, I didn’t want to post here as well. To keep up with me, check out my blog for the Washington […]

Like everyone else on my facebook feed, I’m a big fan of Humans of New York. It’s entertaining, heart warming, and enlightening. Sometimes when I scroll through the photographs, I imagine myself (like the self-centered millennial that I am) being stopped and interviewed. The most common question featured lately has been “what is your biggest […]

Time management is about prioritizing. When things aren’t prioritized correctly, usually you can tell. It’s obvious – you bomb a test, break down in tears, or get a call from the receptionist at your physical therapists’ office telling you that you’ve been dropped as a client for missing too many appointments ( Now trying to […]


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